Susan Barrett
Known aliases: Sue
Location: Matool
Known relatives: Brian Hull
Year of birth: 1947
Year of death: 1979
First appearance: zombie
Portrayed by: Auretta Gay
Susan Barrett Is A Character In The 1979 Film Zombie


Susan Barrett Is The Wife Of Brian Hull A Fisherman And seafaring Man Near The Island Of Matool She Knows The Area Well And Knows The Ocean Well She Grew Up on The Islands Near Jamaica And She Was A Journalist For A Marine Geology Journal In Rome When  Anne & Peter  Arrive And Ask For Assistance In Finding Anne's Father Brian Accepts And She Tags Along On The Trip too The group is nearing the island when Susan decides to go for a dive.  While in the water, Susan encounters a shark, which tries to attack her, but she manages to hide among the coral reefs. She immediately surfaces and begs for help as the shark prepares to attack her. SheSurfaces Then Susan dives under again and tries to escape, and the shark narrowly misses her in its attack. As she is hiding in a coral reef, however, a zombie attacks her, but she manages to avoid the creature by slashing its water-bloated face with a piece of coral.She Was Killed On The Trip By Worm Eye By Biting Her Neck When She Encounters His Grave In The Forest After Wandering Off And Is Shot In The Head By Peter West
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