Paola Menard
Known aliases: Paola (and or) Wife
Location: Matool
Known relatives: Dr. David Menard
Year of birth: 1947
Year of death: 1979
First appearance: Zombie
Portrayed by: Paola Menard
Paola Menard Is A Character In The 1979 Film Zombie

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Paola Menard Is The Wife Of David She Was A Shopowner In Midtown When David Had To Go To Matool To Perform Research On The Outbreak She Was Forced To Tag Along She Did Not Like The Idea  Of Being "Isolated From The Rest Of The Planet" On An Island As The Outbreak Spreaded Closer To Where They Lived She Grew More Restless And Angered She Wanted To Go Home After A Breif Fight And A Glass Of Whiskey She Decides To take a shower. Paola got out of the shower and saw A Zombified Miguel. The zombie comes in and tries to open the door just as Paola is trying to close it. She manages to close the door and holds it shut with her body. The zombie's hands break through the door and grab her hair.  Paola's eye is pierced by a large splintered piece of wood and she is then killed and devoured  off-camera.
  • Paola Fighting
  • Shower.jpg Taking A Shower
  • The Eye Splinter
  • The Fatal Stab