The Mornin Lady 2

The Mornin Lady II was a fictional sailing vessel featured in the 1979 Italian horror film Zombie It was one of two such boats featured in the film and appeared in the opening scenes of the movie.


The Mornin Lady II was a sailboat owned by a scientist named Professor Bowles. Sometime in the late 1970s, Professor Bowles traveled to the remote island of Matoul in the Antilles to work on research relating to a virulant disease that had been killing many of the islanders. Along with his colleague, Doctor David Menard, Bowles learned that the victims of the disease had been returning to life as flesh-eating zombies. He succumbed to the disease himself and Menard was forced to put him out of his misery. Through reasons unknown, Bowles' boat, the Mornin Lady II made its way back to the United States. Its only occupants was a bloated zombie and the severed hand of a previous victim. It drifted into Upper New York Bay where it was found by the city's harbor patrol. Two men boarded the boat; the first encountered the zombie below deck and suffered a fatal neck bite that ultimately turned him into a zombie as well. The zombie shambled topside where the second officer shot at it with his sidearm until it fell over the edge of the boat into the bay. When the ship was brought into port, it was locked down and became part of an official crime scene. Doctor Bowles' daughter, Anne, having not heard from her father in over three months, sneaked onto the boat late at night. There she encountered a reporter named Peter West, who had been assigned to investigate the strange incident on the vessel for his newspaper. While there, Anne found a letter written by her father, alluding to some of the strange things that took place on Matoul. Moments later, a police officer found the two of them on board and made them leave the area.
  • The Mornin Lady By The World Trade Center In NYC
  • The Mornin Lady Passes A Staten Island Ferry In NYC