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{{{character name}}}
Known aliases: {{{known aliases}}}
Location: Unknown
Known relatives: {{{known relatives}}}
Year of birth: {{{year of birth}}}
Year of death: {{{year of death}}}
First appearance: {{{first appearance}}}
Portrayed by: {{{portrayed by}}}


Usage Edit

{{Infobox Character
| character name   = Name
| known aliases    = Known aliases
| image            = Image of the individual
| location         = Town or city the character is usually located
| known relatives  = Family members
| year of birth    = Year the character was born
| year of death    = Year the character died
| first appearance = Film or story the character first appeared
| portrayed by     = Actors playing the character

Example of usage Edit

{{Infobox Character
| character name   = 
| known aliases    = 
| image            = 
| location         = 
| known relatives  = 
| year of birth    = 
| year of death    = 
| first appearance = 
| portrayed by     = 

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