Brian Hull
Known aliases: Brian Curt
Location: Matool
Known relatives: Susan Barrett
Year of birth: 1951
Year of death: 1979
First appearance: Zombie
Portrayed by: Al Cliver

Brian Hull Is A Character In The 1979 Film Zombie

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Brian Hull Is A Local Seafaring Fisherman Near The Island of Matool And A Retired Green Baret On A Semi Permenent Vacation He Is Married To His Wife Susan Barrett  Who Travels With Him On His Journey When Peter West And Anne Bowles Asks For His Assistance In Finding Anne's Father He Helps Them Since He Lives In The Area During The Zombie Invasion Of The Village He Was Bitten On The Arm While Trying To Fend Off The Hoard Of Zombies Invading The Town  One They Were out at sea, Bryan was showing bad signs of contagion. He dies and they lock him in one of the rooms on the boat,