Tisa Farrow


Anne Bowles
Known aliases: Anne
Location: New York City
Known relatives: Mr Bowles
Year of birth: 1951
Year of death: None
First appearance: Zombie
Portrayed by: Tisa Farrow
 Anne Bowles is a character and Main Character featured in the original Zombie. 1979 Film.


Growing up Anne Lived in New York City scince her mother died when she was very young she lived with her dad. When she was 28 in 1979 her father left in march of that year to travel to a tropical island named Matool to work on some research. . three months later her father's boat went adrift in the Hudson River. A New York Horbor Patrol officer sent to investgate was attacked by a zombie on the boat and is killed. When she is questioned by police about her father's boat in New York Harbor. She reveals she has not seen or heard from him in three months scince he Left! She wnts to find out more and goes on her fathers boat in the middle of the night. In there she meets a reporter Peter West who travels with her to the island of Matool to locate he father.


  • A Nervous Anne
  • Anne And Peter At The Phone
  • Anne With Peter On Brian's Boat